We provide guided tours to help you discover the wonders, beauty and traditions of the Banat country. Our tours are ideal for those who are on a business trip or just visiting Timișoara, Arad or orther city in Western Romania, and want to spend a day or two to visit the region. We offer the best day trips and weekend getaways. Upon request, we can also offer more complex and multi day tours and circuits. Most of our tours involve outdoors exploration, not only because we love nature, but also because here you can find some of the best natural attractions. But we also want to take you to see the cities of Banat, our villages and cultural heritage and industrial legacy.

Meet your local guide

My name is Adelin and I am a certified travel guide. Pretty much like everyone else, I like travelling. But I have a particular interest in nature, and especially I like exploring and discovering hidden places. I love almost every kind of outdoor activity, from hiking and biking, to climbing, caving and kayaking.

As I grew up in the parts of Banat, I fell in love with the nature here and its wilderness, with the countryside and its people and traditions, and with the historical and cultural legacy that we inherited from our ancestors. Now I want to take people around these places to show them the wonders and hidden gems of the region and to provide unique experiences in the Country of Banat.