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This tours will take you around the Banat highland region. Throughout history, Banat was at the border of all the empires that spread over the region, most notably the Ottoman and Austrian Empires, which facilitated people of different nations to come in, giving it its multiculturality. The richness of the land turned it into an important industrial hub, around which urban and rural life developed. Empires came and left and the industrial period faded, but what withstood the test of time is a treasure full of natural wonders and beauty. In this tour you will see some of the industrial legacy, meet the multicultural heritage and enjoy the beauty of our natural sights.


We leave early in the morning and drive South. Our first stop is in Oravița, an important historical city in Mountainous Banat, where we will have a tour of the Old Theater Mihai Eminescu, the first theater in Romania. From there we continue our trip South and reach the Danube River. After a quick stop at Coronini to see the Baba Caia Rock and hear some legends of the place, we will enter the Danube Gorges, which we will be driving along for the next 100 kilometers. Around noon we will reach the Gulf of Dubova, where we will visit the Large and the Small Cauldrons, which is the section where the river becomes the narrowest. Here you also have the option to take a short hike to the nearby Ciucaru Mare Peak to get an amazing view over the landscape, or embark on a half hour boat tour (not included in the trip price) to enjoy the scenery from the water and visit some other attractions (Ponicova Cave, Veterani Cave and Tabula Traiana). In Dubova we can also stop for lunch and enjoy our meal on the coast of the Danube. Next, we make another stop at the Rock Sculpture of Decebalus, the tallest in Europe and probably the most famous attraction in the region. We continue our drive along the river until Orșova, where we make a turn and start heading North towards Timișoara. Soon we will enter the Almăj Valley, where we will enjoy pleasant drive along a highland road. Our next stop is a Rudăria, where we visit some of the last watermills in Europe that are still being used by locals to produce flour. Next on our list is the Bigăr Waterfall, which ranked #1 in the World Geography magazine’s top of unique waterfalls around the world in 2013. Later we arrive at our last stop of this trip, Reșița, the capital of Highland Banat. Here we will visit the City Center and its unique attractions such as the Kinetic Fountain and the Cableway, as well as the open air Steam Train Museum.


Attractions: Old Theatre Mihai Eminescu Oravita, Baba Caia Rock, Danube Gorges, Big and Small Cauldrons, Gulf of Dubova, Rock Sculpture of Decebalus, Rudaria Water Mills, Bigar Waterfall, Resita City Center, Train Museum Resita

Departure time: 7:00 am

Duration: 13-15 hours

Departure and pickup: Departure usually happens from Timisoara and we can arrange pickup from any location. We can also agree on pickup from another city or location, but in this case there will be an additional transport charge, depending on location.


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  • Entry fee to Mihai Eminescu Theater
  • Entry fee to Bigar Waterfall
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